Capturing your essence 

in every frame.

Lemon Melon Photography is a husband (Photographer) and wife (actor, stylist) team of Headshot photographers. 

Although we specialize as Headshot photographers, we also shoot portraits for families, medical, business, and other professionals, architectural, and on-set still photography. 

Your headshot is your calling card.  

We want to help get you in the door.  We work with you to produce headshots that reveal your essences and the characters you portray.  

We want the you that walks through the door to be the you that agents and casting directors expect to see from your headshot.

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Call or email us to schedule your headshot session today.  We will respond within 24 hours.  


Session times vary, based on how many looks you wish to shoot.  


$250 - for two looks

$350 - for three looks

$450 - for four looks

$70 - for each additional look beyond the first four.

You will receive a disc (CD or DVD) with all of your high-quality digital photos (except the ones where you’re blinking) in their full image size, ready for print.



$150 – Women

$85 – Men

$25 - for each additional look beyond the first four.



One photo per look retouched at no charge.

$30 - for each additional retouched photo.

Prep Work

You will decide ahead of time -- with your agent/manager, or with us during a one-hour styling consultation (via phone, Skype/FaceTime, or in person) -- specific details about the looks you want to achieve in each headshot.


Please select and bring at least two wardrobe choices for each look. Prior to the shoot,  we will review your choices and conduct a short styling consultation with you, to finalize wardrobe and backdrop/setting for each shot.

We always maintain a fun, relaxed environment.  

We want you to feel at home and be yourself, so that your true essence shines through in each photo.


Make Up



We work with several very talented makeup artists, each with years of experience and a tremendous passion for their craft.

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